Health Effects from Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation  

Urgent Update: 5G and the Corona Virus

Safe Limits for Australians

5G Technology requires unsafe Limits of Microwave Radiation

The Microwave Radiation density for 5G telecommunications is unsafe.

Known effects from Microwave exposure include calcium efflux, increased permeability of the blood brain barrier and adverse effects to the immune and central nervous systems at exposure levels well below the current allowed limits (set by ICNIRP/ARPANSA who are coming under heavy criticism).

In the case of a virus, the above known effects, particularly calcium efflux, can aid virus replication and advancement.  The study below emerged from China before even 60 cases of the Corona Virus had been announced:

Host Calcium Channels and Pumps in Viral Infections

Xingjuan Chen 1,2 , Ruiyuan Cao 2, * and Wu Zhong 2, *

* Institute of Medical Research, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an 710072, China; National Engineering Research Center for the Emergency Drug, Beijing Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Beijing 100850, China Correspondence: (R.C.); (W.Z.)

Received: 11 December 2019; Accepted: 24 December 2019; Published: 30 December 2019

Abstract: Ca 2+ is essential for virus entry, viral gene replication, virion maturation, and release. The alteration of host cells Ca 2+ homeostasis is one of the strategies that viruses use to modulate host cells signal transduction mechanisms in their favor. Host calcium-permeable channels and pumps (including voltage-gated calcium channels, store-operated channels, receptor-operated channels, transient receptor potential ion channels, and Ca 2+ -ATPase) mediate Ca 2+ across the plasma membrane or subcellular organelles, modulating intracellular free Ca 2+ . Therefore, these Ca 2+ channels or pumps present important aspects of viral pathogenesis and virus–host interaction. It has been reported that viruses hijack host calcium channels or pumps, disturbing the cellular homeostatic balance of Ca 2+ . Such a disturbance benefits virus lifecycles while inducing host cells’ morbidity. Evidence has emerged that pharmacologically targeting the calcium channel or calcium release from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) can obstruct virus lifecycles. Impeding virus-induced abnormal intracellular Ca2+ homeostasis is becoming a useful strategy in the development of potent antiviral drugs. In this present review, the recent identified cellular calcium channels and pumps as targets for virus attack are emphasized.

Keywords: virus; calcium channels; calcium pumps; virus–host interaction; antiviral 

From Professor Buchner:

5G as accelerant for the Corona pandemic:

5G Weakens the Immune System

The Corona pandemic started from the Chinese city of Wuhan, one of the first places world- wide to be equipped with full 5G capability. The people of Wuhan are therefore exposed to high levels of electromagnetic Microwave radiation.

Whilst 5G was clearly not the origin of the virus, Professor Buchner emphasizes:

“There is clear scientific evidence that the spreading of viruses is accelerated by electromagnetic radiation. In particular 5G is an accelerant of the Corona pandemic.”

Research on the effect of radio waves on the immune system has been performed long before the on-set of the Corona virus.1 Scientific studies have revealed that short-time exposure to Microwave radiation enhances the immune system, whereas long-term, low level exposure from sources such as: Smart Phones, Cell towers and wifi modems, harms the immune system.

In particular, it is known how that Microwave radiation accelerates viral replication: It opens the calcium channels in the cells. This has been demonstrated for another Corona virus, a near relative of the one causing present pandemic.2

This suggests a therapy by blocking the calcium channels. Indeed, this has been applied successfully in early stages of pneumonia.3

Professor Doctor Buchner recommends to avoid electromagnetic radiation as far as possible, in particular cell phones, cordless phones, WLAN, Bluetooth, and smart meters. In particular, smart phones enhance the electromagnetic radiation contamination of the user and the public.

1 See e.g. El-Gohary OA, Said MA: Effect of electromagnetic waves from mobile phone on immune status of male rats: Possible protective role of vitamin D. Can J Physiol Pharmacol 2017, 95, 151-156. doi:10.1139/cjpp- 2016-0218.
An early review article is: Szmigielski S.: Reaction of the immune system to low-level RF/MW exposures. Science of the Total Environment 2013; 454-455:393-400. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2013.03.034

2 Bai D, Fang L, Xia S, Ke W, Wang J, Wu X, Fang P, Xiao S: Porcine deltacoronavirus (PDCoV) modulates calcium influx to favour viral replication. Virology 2020, 539, 38-48. doi: 10.1016/j.virol.10.011.
Review article: Xingjuan Chen, Ruiyuan Cao, und Wu Zhong: Host calcium channels and pumps in viral infec- tions. Cells 2020, 9, 94. doi:10.3390/cells9010094

3 Zheng L, Hunter K, Gaughan J, Poddar S: Preadmission use of calcium channel blockers and outcomes after hospitalization with pneumonia: A retrospective propensity-matched cohort study. Am J Ther. 2017, 24(1):e30- e38.
For Scientific Information see: 5G space appeal by Arthur Firstenberg: 5G space appeal 

Recommendations to help protect against the Virus

Wired Ethernet connections are recommended especially for young people at home studying who are potentially most affected by  Microwave Radiation. Once Ethernet cables are installed, turn off the wifi function on the modem and the computer. Turn phones to flight mode as much as possible and remove phones to a distance away.

Avoid Smart devices.

Take Vitamin D

Use a wired phone line and avoid cordless phones.

Safer Exposure Limits Urgently Required for Australians

- Protection against adverse health effects, especially protection of the Immune System against viruses. Long term safe limits to be observed - 10 uW/cm2 (Czerski), not 1000 uW/cm2 (ICNIRP).

- Microwave Sickness and Chronic Health Effects due to Long Term Exposure to RF Radiation is a Reality.

- Increasing RF Radiation exposure of the Australian population is paralleled by the increasing incident rate of Cancers most linked to RF Radiation.

- Australia’s RF Radiation Exposure Health Limits are the least stringent in the developed world, urgently, this needs to change to World Best Practice.


Australia’s allowable ‘safe’ RF exposure limit is in the vicinity of 1000µWatts/cm2

World's Best practice RF exposure limit is 10µWatts/cm2 or lower, in countries including Switzerland, China, Poland, Russia and Italy.

Countries set this safe limit following extensive study regarding the effects of Long Term Exposure to non-ionising RF radiation.  Countries who are not only technologically advanced but who also maintain a far lower incident rate of RF related cancers as compared to Australia.


Cell Towers, Smart Meters and the proposed 5G Network utilise the Microwave (including millimetre wave) part of the Radio Wave Spectrum. 


Microwave Radiation has been utilised for many years, however now, the sheer density of Microwave exposure emissions from Base Stations, Cell Towers, Smart Meters and the proposed 5G network, is causing World Wide alarm.

Alarm is warranted, Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation is classified by the International Agency on Research for Cancer as being a Group 2B agent, ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans.’ 


The allowed 1000 µWatts/cm2 density of Microwave exposure in Australia has never been tested to be safe. In contrast, countless peer reviewed world wide Scientific studies have revealed that damage to health occurs at levels well below the allowed exposure limits.

In Australia currently, within 500m of Mobile Base Stations and Cell Towers, the RF density can easily be in the range of 70 µWatts/cm2  or more, this is considered low by our government.  This however is 7 x the upper exposure limit allowed in China, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, Poland and more countries.

Cellular damage has been shown to occur at an RF density as low as 5 µWatts/cm2 after 30 days of 12 hour exposure (Wang et al) and Microwave Sickness from as low as 30 µWatts/cm2 (N.A.S.A.).


Rapidly Rising Rates of Cancer in Australia

Australia, America and Canada follow the ICNIRP guidelines and hence share in common the highest allowable exposure to RF Radiation, in the world.

Australia, America and Canada are three of the four countries with the highest incident rate of  Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in the World, a rate that is triple that of countries with Best Practice RF health limitsOur rate of  Leukaemia is double that of countries with Best Practice safe exposure limits.

Ref: Globocan

In Victoria, Australia, the incidence rate of Leukaemia and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma is rising and has paralleled the rise in RF licensed emitters.  This is whilst other cancer rates have fallen or remain stable.

Rise in RF Emitter Licenses (ACMA license search) in Victoria and rise in Leukaemia ( and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (

Rise in RF Emitter Licenses (ACMA license search) in Victoria and rise in Thyroid Cancer, Men and Women ( 1982-2014)

Brain cancer is also strongly linked to RF exposure, however brain cancer is regarded as having a longer lag time in the range of 10 to 20 years or more.


Scientific Studies

Scientific evidence for decades has revealed that Microwave Radiation is damaging to health:

‘Microwave radiation is detrimental to brain energy metabolism. Intrinsically, neurons are extremely sensitive to a reduced ATP availability. As the main source of energy, mitochondria are prone to MW radiation induced injury. Wang et al exposed monkeys to MW radiation with average power densities of 5mW/cm2 and 11 mW/cm2 for 10s and 4.68µW/cm2 for 12 h/d for 30 d cumulatively. Abnormalities in mitochondrial function related metabolites in urine, such as succinic acid, citric acid and 2-ketoglutaric acid were induced after a single radiation event of 5mW/cm2 and 11mw/cm2 and after long term radiation of 4.68µW/cm2, revealing by metabolomics the hypersensitivity of mitochondria to MW radiation….’  

Ref: Yan Hui Hao, Li ZHAO and Rui-Yun-Peng, Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine, Military Medical Research 2015:2:4

‘Radiant energy absorption in the living system followed by direct interaction with biophysical or biochemical processes, may be defined as the primary interaction. Changes in the structure and function of a biological system as a result of the primary interaction are considered to be biological effects. Immediate biological effects arising at the site of the primary interaction may induce further indirect changes both acute and chronic. The analysis of data on effects requires the consideration of a sequence of events: the physical interaction followed by physiological reactions - local and generalised and immediate and delayed biological effects. In addition, the frequent activation of adaptive mechanisms may lead to their exhaustion via the classical sequence of events of stress-adaptation-fatigue. Consequently, the effects of single and repeated exposures should be considered separately, even when exposures take place under identical conditions.’ 

'Functional damage to the cardiovascular system as manifested by hypotenuse, bradycardia, delayed auricular and ventricular conductivity, and flattening of ECG waves has been reported, by several USSR clinicians to result from chronic exposure of workers to RF fields (Gordon, 1996, 1967; Tjagin, 1971; Baranski & Czerski 1976).’ 

Ref: 'Environmental Health Criteria 16' - Radiofrequency and Microwaves' published under the joint sponsorship of the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Health Organisation and the International Radiation Protection Association*, Geneva 1981.  (*Note: Not ICNIRP)

A 1981 study commissioned by N.A.S.A. included the following findings at a field strength density from as little as 30 µWatts/cm2 

"fatigue, irritability, sleepiness, memory loss, bradycardia, hypertension, hypotension, cardiac pain, systolic murmur, ‘microwave sickness       

Ref: N.A.S.A. CR 166661, April 1981


Whilst mobile phones are contributors to RF exposure, their use can be limited and controlled.  Home Wi-fi RF exposure contributes radiation levels in the vicinity of 0.5 µWatts/cm2 and can also be limited by turning off home wi-fi when not in use or via a cable connection. 

Note: Modems /Routers: Have been found to be emitting enormous Microwave density in the vicinity of 100 uW/cm2.  This has been determined to be due to routers communicating from homes directly to cell towers instead of via the NBN fibre. The routers are over-riding the NBN.  If the wifi component is disabled and the ethernet is connected, the NBN has been seen to be lightening fast.   It is illogical to over-ride the NBN, however some telecommunications companies routers do exactly that, hence the Microwave exposure throughout neighbourhoods can be very high.  This should not be allowed.

Cell Towers / Base Stations, Smart Meters and the proposed 5G network are underpinned by 24 hour per day emissions from home appliances, cars, meters, cell to cell emissions, cell to Base Station emissions and more, resulting in an unrelenting density of Microwave exposure affecting all people and nature all day, every day.  

There are some areas of industry whereby RF sensors are currently utilised and are hugely beneficial. This includes movement sensors in rock bolts in mines, however, this has been in place for years and is not reliant on 5G.

The current density of RF exposure and the proposed density, is simply not safe.  At a cellular level, Microwave radiation has repeatedly been shown to damage mitochondria, the energy center of the cell.  Constant cellular damage is linked with fatigue, Microwave sickness, accelerated ageing and cancer.


MMWAVE, SHF Microwave 26-28GHz - 2nd part of 5G

In many parts of Australia the first part of 5G has recently been deployed, 3.6GHz.  Adverse health effects including ‘Microwave sickness’ have been widely reported.

The second part of 5G planned for Australia is 26-28GHz required for IoT.  This MMWave technology, is untested for safety and usually employed for satellite use and military radar.

The Australian department, the ACMA has ‘auctioned off’ part of the millimeter (microwave) spectrum, without first ensuring the safety of the technology and without ensuring that this is what Australians actually want.  They are ‘racing ahead’ to deploy 5G:

“I would also say that we’re actually one of the countries at the forefront of making the spectrum available. Talking about millimetre wave spectrum, I think there have only been two or three so far auctions of this spectrum. It’s still very much in its early stages, and we are one of the first countries to identify the auction of this spectrum. We’re right at the front of it.

Mr Daniel Edmonds, Acting Director, Spectrum Access and Management, Department of Communications and the Arts, Proof Committee Hansard, House of Representatives, Deployment, Adoption and Application of 5G in Australia, December 2019, Canberra.

Mr Edmonds went on to state that America has also auctioned part of the spectrum and possibly so to has, South Korea.

More auctions are planned:

“On 25 October 2019, the Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, the Hon Paul Fletcher announced his decision to issue a spectrum re-allocation declaration for the 26GHz consistent with advice from ACMA. I also note that your submissions says: This decision paves the way for ACMA to auction 2.4GHz of 5G suitable spectrum in the 26GHz band early in 2021.”

Mr Husic, Proof Committee Hansard, House of Representatives, Deployment, Adoption and Application of 5G in Australia, December 2019, Canberra.


This is a race that the most informed countries regarding RF and Microwave Radiation, would never want to be part of, let alone, win.

The rapid deployment of the 5G network will result in Base Station ‘upgrades,’ and emitters along streets outside homes, indiscriminately increasing RF exposure of the population. 


Countries and cities who are deploying or have recently deployed MMWave 26-28 GHz technology are currently very few and include: Wuhan, China; Daegu, South Korea; Bologna and Turin, Italy; Tehran, Iran.


Italy is the only European country to auction MMWave.

America has auctioned MMWave but is yet to issue Licences

Small scale IoT TestBeds are also in widespread areas throughout the world.


In Australia, from March 2020, Telstra gained  'early access' to trial MMWave, 26-28GHz SHF Microwave as Scientific Licences in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast in order to live test’ the technology.

The map below (ACMA Licences) indicates the shed of the MMWave emitters from three locations in Melbourne.

Update: On the evening of March 15, 2020, at approximately 2:30am many residents reported sleeplessness and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).  March 16, the next day, countless dead bees and insects were observed in widespread areas of Melbourne. 

Where are the Studies to Indicate Safety?

Scientific studies undertaken thus far indicate extensive adverse health effects in man and nature at far lower densities than required for 5G deployment:


‘……electromagnetic fields in the UHF and SHF ranges to be such unfavourable stimuli. The lesions occurred in animals irradiated at power densities of 0.06 to 10 and 2 to 20 μW/cm2  with UHF and SHF electromagnetic fields respectively.’

‘This testified to the fact that SHF energy induced intensification of thyroid function. Taking into account that the thyroid has a regulatory influence on a number of functions of the organism, one could imagine that an increase in its activity induced a number of undesirable changes in the organism as a whole.’

‘The Biologic Action and Hygienic Significance of Electromagnetic Fields of Superhigh and Ultrahigh Frequencies in Densely Populated Areas’ J. D Dumanskij and M.G. Sandala. A.N. Marzeev Kiev Scientific Research Institute of General and Public Hygiene, USSR.Man –

Man - Changes to Behaviour from 150 μW/cm2

Reference: Experimental studies on the influence of Radar Microwaves on the Human and Animal Organism

 MMWave Resonant absorption DNA_____________________________________________________________

'Scientific studies reveal resonant absorption of Millimetre (SHF) Microwaves by DNA, so that DNA can be heated to 60 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature of the body is not raised at all ‘ 

(Czerski & Mays Swicord, circa 1980).

Note: ARPANSA allows in the vicinity of 1000 μW/cm2


In December 2019, American Scientists, Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners from the Environmental Health Trust sent a letter to Donald Trump demanding a moratorium on 5G until health hazards have been fully investigated. They are also calling for an urgent reduction in the allowable RF exposure levels. Australia has  the same high exposure limits that are allowed in America. 

(ref:, 'United States of America National 5G Resolution')

World Wide, appeals are being made to governments and organisations. The ‘Stop 5G on Earth and Space,’ appeal is addressed to the United Nations, World Health Organisation, European Union, Council of Europe and governments of all nations.  As at 15 November 2019, over 179,000 scientists, doctors, environment and health organisations and individuals from 206 nations and territories had signed the appeal.  


Loss of Bees and Insects Occurring World Wide

A recent Lancet article drew attention to potentially catastrophic changes to our eco-system due to the current allowable level of RF Radiation exposure:

‘Levels of exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic radiation around the 1GHz band, have increased from extremely low levels by about 1018 times…...

Evidence also exists of the effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation on flora and fauna. For example, the reported global reduction in bees and other insects is plausibly linked to the increased radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation in the environment.17 Honeybees are among the species that use magneto reception, which is sensitive to anthropogenic electromagnetic fields, for navigation.'

Ref: ‘Planetary Electromagnetic Pollution: It is time to assess its impact.’ Vol 2 December 2018

A publication in highlights:

"All insects showed a general increase in absorbed RF power at and above 6 GHz, in comparison to the absorbed RF power below 6 GHz. Our simulations showed that a shift of 10% of the incident power density to frequencies above 6 GHz would lead to an increase in absorbed power between 3–370%. “

Past Use of Microwave to Remove Insects from Crops:

It should be no surprise that insects are adversely affected by Microwave Radiation from cell towers when Microwave Radiation, the very same technology, was employed in the past to rid crops of insects prior to harvesting:

"High frequency radiation not only kills insects due to dielectric heat induced within them but also affects          the reproduction of the survivors (Hamid et al. 1968).

….The most important key element in the development of an acceptable alternative insect control method using microwave energy is to identify a balance between minimized thermal impact on the product quality and complete killing of the insect population.

Reference: J Food Sci Technol. 2014 Dec; 51(12): 3568–3576.
Published online 2012 Dec 16. doi: 10.1007/s13197-012-0912-8 PMCID: PMC4252428
PMID: 25477625 
Deep N. Yadav, Tanupriya Anand, Monika Sharma, and R. K. Gupta

Food Grains and Oilseeds Processing Division, Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology, Ludhiana, 141 004 Punjab India Deep N. Yadav, Phone: +91-161-2313186, Fax: +91-161-2308670, Email: Corresponding author.

Revised 2012 Nov 14; Accepted 2012 Dec 4.
Copyright © Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India) 2012

In Australia, the current allowed level of RF emissions has introduced an unprecedented level of health risk to people and nature - this is not only unnecessary, it is unacceptable.   

The most technologically advanced nations maintain RF exposure limits 100x lower than Australia’s.

will this be a case of TOO LATE LESSONS learned from EARLY WARNINGS

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