5G Network and Mobile Base Stations

The sales pitch for more Cell Towers and 5G infrastructure, fails to recognise that faster and faster is not always better and better.   

The apparent  'need' for all devices, washing machines, ovens, kettles, cars and more to communicate through to industry and suppliers via microwave emissions is a short sighted sales pitch.  It is the sheer density of RF emissions required for deployment of 5G that risks the health of all people and nature.

The 5G inter-connection of every day aspects of home life, social life, work life, appliances and cars via a dense network of Microwave and millimetre wave emissions is non-sensical.  Part of the frequently touted economic windfall is via the public purchasing new appliances and equipment to operate within the dense RF Microwave radiation network proposed.

Scientific evidence already reveals that the density of Microwave emissions proposed is unsafe.

Risking the health of the public and nature, is not worth the proposed glamour that Industry and government markets. The risk to health is also completely unnecessary.

A growing number of people who are already sensitised to RF radiation emissions, many living in close proximity to cell towers, provide an early health status warning that further informs us that Microwave exposure is damaging. 

If 5G is deployed as planned, with Microwave emitters placed on lamp posts outside homes, the RF emissions will be at an unprecedented level and all of the population will be similarly exposed.  Many people do not realise, that with the current legislation, they will have little choice regarding the presence of emitters in their street.

The cumulative effects of long term low dose exposure may take years to reveal and manifest as illness, cancer, catastrophic damage to people and nature.  Damage that is unlikely to be reversible. 

There is no price that can be placed on the health of people and the eco-system within which we live. The proposed economic gain, no matter how great, cannot buy back health.

(Note: Supporters of industry will frequently state the following: "There is no conclusive evidence that RF exposure is damaging to health at the current allowed levels.” 

The word conclusive is misleading. It is a fact that there is a mountain of evidence revealing that RF exposure at the current levels is damaging to health.  The studies are peer reviewed and have been conducted by lead Scientists world wide over many decades.)

Our time here is borrowed. We have a complete and utter duty to preserve the planet and the environment for the well being of future generations and nature. 

We and our families also deserve to thrive in a healthy environment during our life time.

The call from industry supporters for the Scientific research to be more definitive before setting stringent Long Term Exposure Limits, is ill founded.  

The onus is upon government and industry to conform to Best Practice established by countries who have undertaken extensive scientific research regarding Microwave and RF exposure.  Particularly as, those countries, enjoy greater health outcomes regarding cancers strongly related to RF exposure.  


RF Health Advisory Recommendations - URGENT

1. Urgently, the Australian government must act to protect people and nature by reducing the allowable RF Radiation Exposure Limit outdoors to less than 10 µWatts/cm2 .

2. Transfer the responsibility for the RF Radiation Standard to Standards Australia. 

The setting of health limits is a task that must be entrusted to all major stakeholders, particularly the Public and our pre-eminent Scientists.  For this to happen, Standards Australia is a transparent process capable of producing a robust and trusted Standards Australia document where safety is not compromised. 

The government's role within our Democracy, in this critical area of Public Health, is to facilitate the setting of standards by the People, for the People. 

'Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.'

Franklin D. Roosevelt

To see RF licences near your location visit the ACMA site, registered licences.

For  RF emission information visit the RFNSA Emissions site

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